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1.(in Jungian psychology) the feminine part of a man’s personality. Often contrasted with animus.

2.the part of the psyche which is directed inwards, in touch with the subconscious: persona and anima switch roles and merge in slow, smooth ways.

ANiMA are a Birmingham band fitting uncomfortably into the grunge genre, for want of a better descriptor. The truth is, the group's influences are fairly conflicting and eclectic; they consider System of a Down, Smashing Pumpkins and Suede all root influences, amongst others, and generally strive to stay clear of genre defining conventions.
The band formed in 2011, in the wake of the split of singer Dan Sheridan's former band The Fairytale, when he realised he was writing so prolifically it would be unhealthy not to form a new group. Guitarist and brother Christopher Charles Lutha Sheridan, and polish bass player Mike Bar were recruited, and after a couple of frustrating years working through different, unsatisfying iterations, drummer Adam Wakefield was introduced to the band by a mutual friend. The chemistry soon became apparent, and a streamlined, intrinsic and more powerful ANiMA was born.
The debut EP, 'Homeopathy', contains a more raw form of ANiMA's sound, although the integrity is still apparent, and its opening track 'Dysphoria' remains one of the band's most popular songs. The single 'The Sun & The Moon' was released to a very positive response in 2013 - including airplay on Kerrang! Radio. The year concluded with ANiMA lauded as RGG Band of the Year 2013, and the upcoming EP is due for a release towards mid 2014. The promo video for the EP, showcasing the song 'The Sun & The Moon' was released in February.
The design of ANiMA lies in a sincere rock sound, confessional lyricism, originality, and the desire to secure ferocious hooks insatiably into the eardrums of their audience. They remain a 'popular music' band, and the songs often fall into the three minute, 'verse-chorus-verse' pattern, but a metal influence infuses the guitars and tears through the vocals at any given opportunity.

"...the best band I've heard this year. Fact."
Nic J Townsend, RGG

"...catchy as hell, gets the head knocking...clearly a talented bunch."
Kerrang! Radio's Alex Baker

"The mix of Rock and melodic vocals make ANiMA stand out from the pack and with a dynamic songwriting formula like this, you can understand why!"

“Enchantingly unpredictable”
Counteract Magazine

ANiMA is freedom of expression
ANiMA is choosing pain over death
ANiMA is the truth
ANiMA is what it sounds like to live with a crippling depression
ANiMA is for everyone who has ever loved and lost and thought it would be better to have never loved at all
ANiMA is the blood, the sweat and the tears
ANiMA is alcohol dependent
ANiMA has absolutely nothing to do with sex
ANiMA is taking the piss
ANiMA is the soul laid bare, warts and all
ANiMA is naive
ANiMA has spent five years stuck on mars
ANiMA is talking the suicidal down from the roof
ANiMA is ambivalence
ANiMA is certainty
ANiMA is liberty

The full EP entitled 'Remember It's A Memory', including The Sun & The Moon, is out 7th June on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and all good digital retailers.

This will be the second EP since the band's debut, Homeopathy, which was a promo EP released early 2013. Remember It's A Memory includes the single 'The Sun & The Moon', a couple of metal soaked songs from the band's long term repertoire, 'Music Box' and 'Fluctuating'; also to be found on the record is opening number, 'Bad Memory', a newer addition to the live set, and finally the EP closes with two entirely new tracks, 'Embers', a stripped down piano piece with spoken word vocals, and the raw, grungy 'Ablaze'.

This is loosely a concept record based on the idea that a memory is never the same as the event or emotion it entails, whether it be a comforting memory, or a more remorseful one. Life is ephemeral, and time, retrospect and sometimes rose tinted glasses change what we think we know about the past. A moment is only experienced during that moment, the memory of that moment is something different.

The video for the EP's single 'The Sun & The Moon' is out now, and the song has received recognition in the form of airplay on XFM, BBC Radio WM and Kerrang! Radio, amongst many other stations, both in the UK and overseas.

Remember It's A Memory is released both on cd and for digital download on June 7th 2014, and the release show takes place on that night for the Emma Scott Presents show at the O2 Academy 3 Birmingham, in support of Follow You Home.

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For fans of: Ghosts of Dead Airplanes, DRAG, The Wytches, Vault of Eagles, Shana Tova, Emursia, Anarchist Wood

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