Black Noise - I Turned my Heart into a Monster

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Black Noise

Black Noise is the sound of two musical minds, Featuring Laurence René (ex My Passion) creating voices & Nick Kozuch deconstructing guitars & electronics. This is their exploration of the world, both personal and fantastical through cascading pop music that dwells within a dark (un)reality. At times optimistic, at times bleak, this infectious honesty will resonate with other thinkers and listeners.

Based on the outskirts of London, somewhere between the magnetic metropolis and rural Utopia. Laurence describes how this affects the outcome of Black Noise: “The city, the night-life, the diversity are all things I soak up and embrace, at times in excess. This is where I feel at home. Living here most of my life I still find times where I’m in position of unknown and unexpected adventure. There is always something to inspire and always a new thrill to follow but like all things I need my time for reflection, away from the distractive buzz of the city, where I can collect my thoughts and put pen to paper, I find this is in my semi-rural retreat."

Inspired by film, philosophy, art, fashion, music of all shades & the experiences of being in a world that Laurence describes as “fucking itself”. Black Noise write dark pop music, where lyrics hint at themes of self destruction, apocalypse; the flaws of our race viewed with empathy or sarcasm. Black Noise is a silent sound. "We listened, fascinated at the thought of silence actually being sound; is silence actually a sound in itself? We begin with simplicity and nothingness and let rhythm and groove dictate the direction of sound. We were children of the '80s & 90's. Now we are older, fighting for survival in a very different world." This is Black Noise.

This duo may have only just arrived with Black Noise but this is by no means the start of their musical voyage. Nick and Laurence have honed and nurtured the idea of cult appeal in previous projects, graced airwaves and received media acclaim. Through major festivals, touring, radio sessions and video, the seeds of Black Noise have germinated and the true journey begins.

The collaboration of the duo is complemented live by other players on stage for an organic edge to the electrical frenzy of sound that is Black Noise. Sequenced loops, juxtaposed with the big beat of live drums, guitars skewered between knife edged synth lines, vocals left exposed, suddenly wrapped by lush harmonies to wash over open minds. The stage is set. Images still, then in violent movement. Vibrant colour to monochrome. Dark smoky room to frantic cities. Black Noise to assault your senses.

Laurence: "After years of creation within the music industry and my entire maturing process out in the open on public display I have arrived in a place that is uncomfortable and challenging. This is a place that is unsettling and hugely inspiring as a songwriter. I have learnt the importance of expression through a musical outlet and the unimportance of fame. Cut away the shit that surrounds all we do as musicians and reach the core and I find space, reflection and self healing. "

Currently secluded in their lair exploring art as sound and recording a collection of songs that encapsulate their very being. The first samples of the black noise sound have been made available online via sound cloud & facebook but merely touching the surface of the kind of work Black Noise has begun experimenting in.

Open the door.
Step inside Black Noise.

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